The New American Remodeled Home: No Average Renovation

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What better time than now – as we wrap up the first full week of National Home Remodeling Month – to check in on the 2017 New American Remodeled Home®.

The original home was built in 1987.

A “before” picture of the original home, built in 1987.

Located just around the corner from what will soon be the latest edition of The New American Home® stood a large but dated home in need of a new look. Built in 1987, the home featured typical designs of that era: stucco quoins, mauve-colored carpet and a segregated kitchen.

But its 10-foot ceilings and concrete block foundation provided a workable canvas for Phil Kean, owner of Phil Kean Design Group and a member of the NAHB Remodelers Council at the Greater Orlando Builders Association, to work his magic.

Rendering of the completed 2017 New American Remodeled Home®.

Rendering of the completed 2017 New American Remodeled Home.

The footprint of the home will stay the same… but that’s about the only thing that won’t change. The home is being gutted down to the studs, and will be reconfigured throughout, most notably with a kitchen that is more open and centrally located.

“The house will look brand new, but it will have a story about what was here. We just made it better,” Kean says in this NAHBTV video documenting portions of the project’s initial phase. “I think it will be a timeless classic, and 10 years from now, people might not know what year it was [built].”

When finished, the New American Remodeled Home will exemplify how an existing home – even a higher quality home that’s less than 30 years old – can be significantly improved in design, livability and energy efficiency when using today’s building techniques, products and standards.

The home is being completely gutted, but the 10-foot ceilings provided a solid framework to work with.

The home was completely gutted for the remodel, but the 10-foot ceilings provide a solid framework to work with.

Both the remodeled home and The New American Home will be showcased during the 2017 NAHB International Builders’ Show® in Orlando. NAHBNow will continue to post periodic updates and news regarding the projects as they progress.

Members can easily promote the benefits of home remodeling to their current and potential clients by referencing NAHB’s National Home Remodeling Month toolkit. It provides ready-to-use resources with remodeling tips, facts and other marketing tools to reach consumers.



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  1. JoAnn Straub says:

    Amazing renovation. Would like to see video of the completed job. Only saw a short video on what was going to be done.

    • NAHB Now says:

      As the work progresses, and especially once the project is complete, there will be several more videos produced. A dedicated website to the two projects will also be created this summer.

  2. Aaron says:

    Amazing renovation. I love to see case studies, and completed projects. I own a roofing company and have been a roofing contractor for a long time now, and it is always a great feeling when you see a finished product of your work. Great article.

  3. Chippy says:

    Wonderful Work! Massive improvement

  4. Looks like an incredible transformation here! Nice work on everything.

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