Energy Efficiency Tops NAHB Research Issues

It’s nice to know that someone has done the math already.

The Construction Technology Research Subcommittee  of NAHB’s Construction, Codes and Standards committee oversees a number of research projects every year designed to help builders understand how to adapt their construction practices to meet changing code requirements. They all live on NAHB’s codes Research page.

Tighter, more energy-efficient homes can lead to damp walls and even to mold when appropriate ventilation isn’t provided to balance the effects of long, steamy showers and all that additional carbon dioxide being expelled by human occupants. A study on the Moisture Performance of Walls helps explain what’s going on, while this Tech Note looks at whole-house mechanical ventilation system styles, benefits, costs and design considerations.

Other tech notes cover issues including window and door flashing, vapor retarders and recommendations for avoiding water infiltration from rain and groundwater.

And home builders in communities looking to adopt new code requirements will be interested in reviewing the cost estimates for all these changes — most recently with the 2015 IRC updates.

If you have a topic you think needs more research, contact staff liaison Gary Ehrlich. It’s another great NAHB member benefit designed to make your business easier to manage.

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