Safety Saturday: Focus on Roofing

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Safety Saturday is a multimedia resource for home building professionals designed to make safety education more accessible, simple to use, and easier to digest. Full versions of the Safety Saturday clips are available for purchase. For more information, contact Rob Matuga


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  1. This is excellent, and a great reminder to use safety even when you think it won’t be necessary! I had a good friend need to go up onto a roof over winter and nearly had a disaster because they’d gone up without any safety gear. Even though it was just to be a quick job to inspect a window from the outside on his own home, he nearly fell because the snow was so deep!

    Buckle up, everyone, and be safe!

  2. Really good video and something that needs constant reminding. It’s amazing how many people I still see that aren’t taking proper safety precautions when getting on a roof. It only takes a split second or minor lapse in judgement to potentially change the rest of your life. Great reminder and thanks for sharing.

  3. Stevie Mak says:

    I agree with Mary and Shaun, this short video is a great reminder on the safety precautions of getting on a roof. When it is second nature we go through the motions forgetting to put safety first.

  4. Liam Thomas says:

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  5. Nancy Adams says:

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