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As members met with federal legislators all over the country during Bringing Housing Home this week, BUILD-PAC, NAHB’s political action committee, was also on the road, holding events from state to state.

BUILD-PAC trustees in Arizona, California, Ohio and Oregon took advantage of Bringing Housing Home by focusing not only on meetings with Congressional members in their district, but also putting an emphasis on BUILD-PAC, raising awareness that it plays a huge role in the political process and getting housing’s message out.


Ed Brady, Justin Wood, Mike Erdmann and Matt Holstege pose at the 8th tee of the Old Macdonald course at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort.

Oregon hosted its second annual golf event at the celebrated Bandon Dunes Resort, ranked No. 2 on the list of best golf courses in the nation. Members from around the state came together to invest in BUILD-PAC while playing a friendly round with friends and attending BUILD-PAC post-play events.

NAHB Chairman Ed Brady came to support BUILD-PAC along with BUILD-PAC Chairman Eugen Graf and Chief Lobbyist Jim Tobin. “It’s a great chance to raise money for the PAC while networking with members and NAHB leadership,” said attendee Mike Erdman, EO of  the HBA of Marion & Polk Counties.


Rep. David Valadao is surrounded by NAHB members.

At the San Luis Obispo Country Club in California, BUILD-PAC Trustee Dan Lloyd hosted a packed reception with a special guest: The Hon. David Valadao, who represents the state’s 21st District.

“The event was really an eye-opening experience for our membership since they have not had the benefit of participating in discussions regarding the issues that our national team addresses on a regular basis,” Lloyd said.

“Having Congressman Valadao speak to the same issues from a legislator’s perspective brought home the connection between what BUILD-PAC does to aid and assist NAHB’s legislative and regulatory efforts and fostering relationships with our representatives in Congress.”

Ed Brady also flew down for the event to speak on the importance of investing in BUILD-PAC and housing’s future and the need for public officials who understand the housing industry.


Rep. Martha McSally (center) meets with members.

Arizona first-term Congresswoman Martha McSally was the guest at an event hosted by BUILD-PAC Trustee Ed Castelhano in Tuscon. Rep. McSally has made housing a priority since arriving in Washington.

BUILD-PAC is proud to support members that promote housing’s agenda.

“With Rep. McSally in attendance, we were able to have a very informative and very frank discussion about issues facing our industry and our community.  There is no better way to communicate with our member of Congress than in person,” Castelhano said.

Rep. Mike Turner (R) smiles with the leadership of the Ohio HBA

Rep. Mike Turner (center) smiles with the leadership of the Ohio HBA

In Ohio, BUILD-PAC Trustees hosted a reception during their state board meeting as a way to grow participation and raise awareness of its important work. NAHB’s Scott Meyer spoke about housing priorities moving into the 2016 elections. During the reception, 10th District Rep. Mike Turner mingled with members and served as the keynote speaker.

“The Congressman continues to be pro-housing on our issues, said state BUILD-PAC trustee Fred Tobin. “He made some very interesting comments about what happens ‘inside the beltway’ in D.C. There were many in attendance and the funds raised will help us continue the fight in Washington.”

BUILD-PAC is housing’s voice in the 2016 elections. When a builder, remodeler or trade partner writes a personal check to a federal candidate’s campaign, there is one voice behind it, while more than 140,000 voices are behind every check that BUILD-PAC writes. It is important during this critical election cycle that BUILD-PAC has enough resourses to help elect pro-housing, pro-business candidates to Congress.

Visit nahb.org/buildpac or contact the BUILD-PAC staff today. You must be logged in to the website to view the page.


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