Tiny Homes, Big Impact

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As we previously reported, the tragic flooding in South Carolina last month prompted local builders and other businesses to raise money and seek donations for those who lost their homes. One NAHB member, Brighton Builders in Bluffton, S.C., hosted a collection drive for water and supplies for the flood victims. The overwhelming generosity from the community meant the company was able to provide more supplies than they ever expected.

Brighton Builders President Ben Kennedy

Brighton Builders’ President Ben Kennedy

Yet Brighton Builders’ President Ben Kennedy knew they could do so much more. “I knew we had to step in and help, and I trust others would do the same if we were in this situation. It occurred to me that I am better at building than collecting supplies. That’s when I had the inspiration to build and donate two tiny homes to those in need,” he said.

For the past several weeks, Brighton Builders has enlisted the support of its community and local subcontractors and suppliers – including several fellow NAHB members – to donate their time, talent, supplies and money to build the tiny homes. The first home will be completed in a few weeks and construction of the second home will begin immediately after.

Tiny House ExteriorBrighton Builders is working with a local church to select the families who will receive the homes. “Our hope is that when the immediate housing need of a family is met, they will continue to pay it forward to other families so that as many people as possible are able to benefit,” said Susan Gunyou, Brighton’s vice president of sales and marketing.

Donations to cover the costs of building the homes can be made at BlufftonCares.com. If donations exceed the goal, Brighton Builders will continue to build tiny homes for the flooding victims.

Check out this video to see the progress of the first tiny home, pictured on the right, being built.

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  1. Congratulations Brighton Builders and your excellent philanthropic team of vendors and suppliers!
    Your exceptional community contribution provides help and hope!
    Keep up the great work as you become a role model for our industry!
    ONwards and UPwards!

    • Ben Kennedy says:

      Thank you for your support and encouragement. We are proud to be part of this effort and are truly fortunate to have the participation of our subcontractors, suppliers and our local community.

  2. Great move Bluff Builders. Your creative thinking and thoughtfulness should be an example we All need to follow! Thank you for being a leader.

  3. Darrell Hills says:

    Congratulations! What an awesome example of a community working together.
    God’s work!
    Darrell Hills
    Manhattan, KS

    • Ben Kennedy says:

      Thank you. One of our donations came from a church in New Orleans that was impacted by Katrina and was aided by a local church here. A true example of Paying it Forward!

  4. Charlie Ruma says:

    As Bob Mitchell would say….”Builders Care”. Nice job Ben Kennedy and Brighton Builders.

  5. Releay enjoy the enthusiasm ,and sales potential. Lord knows building better moble homes , we all take to much room are foot print is huge. More could be done with Mobile modular construction. The more that is done to make them familiar as housing .
    Well thank you for your work.

    • Ben Kennedy says:

      Your thoughts are appreciated. It pleased us to have the opportunity to utilize what we know best in order to help families in need who have lost so much and are just beginning the work of rebuilding their lives.

  6. Another great example of how homebuilders meet the needs of their community. Great job Ben and team!

    • Ben Kennedy says:

      It provided an opportunity for us to give back to a neighboring community with the outpouring of generosity from our local community. Thank you!

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