Round 2 for Building Code Votes

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vote buttonThe International Code Council (ICC) will reopen the voting process for some of the code change proposals discussed during the public hearings held last month in Long Beach, Calif.

During the hearings, building officials and other voters used voting devices supplied by a new vendor to record their decisions. After attendees noticed that some of the vote totals didn’t seem to reflect the number of people in the room who were voting, the ICC discovered that the devices didn’t work properly.

To ensure the integrity of the process and accurate, transparent results, ICC will use an electronic voting process to re-create the public comment hearing for those proposals.

“It should be noted that this process will only be used for those code changes which were voted utilizing the voting devices,” ICC announced.

“The [public comment hearings] action for the code changes which were considered and voted by a show of hands remains as published and will be the basis” for further votes using cdpACCESS, the online voting process that had originally been scheduled to begin in late October for those code officials who were unable to attend the meetings in person.

ICC said the replacement voting will take place in December “at the earliest,” but should not interfere with the next round of public comment hearings in 2016.

To ensure consistency with the Long Beach hearings, only those members who  were issued an electronic voting device at that time will be eligible to vote. Once this process is completed, all verified voting members will be able to use cdpACCESS to vote on all code changes considered in Long Beach.

For additional information, contact Neil Burning at 800-368-5242 x8564.


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