Mobile App Gives Remodelers an Edge on Home Assessments

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Age comes with much more than just wisdom. It also brings a lot of aches and pains that often lead to physical limitations and permanent lifestyle changes.

Silver SpacesMillions of aging Americans intend to live out their golden years in their current homes, creating huge demand for remodelers with expertise in home modifications for aging-in-place seniors.

To help remodelers quickly and more accurately evaluate an aging client’s needs, developers recently released a mobile app called Silver Spaces. The app is the first of its kind to provide remodelers with customizable tools and information to address the home-safety concerns of their clients.

Silver Spaces is a room-by-room checklist that defines which changes could be made to create a safer environment by addressing resident-specific needs. During a home evaluation, the application asks targeted yes/no questions and allows the user to upload photos and take notes for future reference.

Silver Spaces 2When the assessment is complete, the app creates a report which the user can view, edit, print or email. The report outlines each of the home modifications that may be needed, from simple changes to more complex remodeling projects.

“Both new and seasoned CAPS graduates can benefit tremendously from this app,” said Christine Fortenberry, CEO of FSCAtlanta and chairperson of NAHB’s CAPS designation program. “It makes it so much more convenient to incorporate ADA guidelines and create a more detailed, reliable evaluation for the client.”

Fortenberry also sees Silver Spaces as a tool that can serve as a “common thread” among the multiple people who may be working with an aging home owner. The app can make it easier for several people – including various caregivers and health therapists, as well as the remodeler – to work from a single assessment.

Though Silver Spaces can have various types of users, it might be most beneficial to remodelers. The app can help them move more quickly through the home evaluation process and avoid spending excess time printing and filling out forms.

The app was created by Dr. Jill Bjerke, BS, DC, a CAPS designee with extensive experience working with aging-in-place seniors. As a former chiropractor and urgent care clinic administrator, she has a unique understanding of the remodeling industry and the needs of seniors.

“All remodelers run their businesses differently and many like to put their own unique spin on projects for an aging-in-place client, but over the years, I’ve seen many details in these home modification projects that are either missing or done incorrectly,” Bjerke said. “[Silver Spaces] is intended to address this gap and give builders a more comprehensive resource when working with the aging market.”

The initial release of the app in late October was of the iOS version, available for $14.95. Bjerke intends to launch the Android version in early 2016.

A more robust version for tablets, called Silver Spaces Pro, is due out this spring and will feature more detailed images and measurements for professional use.

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  1. Interested in learning more

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    age in place, live safely as they choose to live at home, and enhance their quality of life by reducing and or removing safety risk inside and outside their place of residence. Safety leads to quality of life and directly enhances the independence and livability quotient for seniors

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  2. Corinne Gail says:

    Sounds like a convenient tool for CAPS professionals as well as others. Will be interesting to see how it works for Android.

  3. Eugene M Hollander Architect says:

    Instead of $5.99 the price on the Apple App Store is $14.95. Really sloppy whomever wrote this description.
    It may be of value to some to have an abbreviated evaluation process but my concern is that by bypassing an
    Extensive personalized interview with a prospective client , one will miss the most important opportunity to understand the unique needs each individual has. As with any design process this first step is the most important one and not the place to shortchange the process or the client.

    • NAHB Now says:

      Thank you for bringing the change in price to our attention – the post has been updated to accurately reflect the current price of the app. Since the time this blog post was written, the app’s developers gathered user feedback and conducted market comparisons, determining there was sufficient reason for a price adjustment. The app’s capabilities remain much the same as they did when it was first introduced, however, notable changes include the ability to white/private label the product for total customization, and also the ability to do group downloads through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program.

  4. Karen Haggerty says:

    Is the app available for Android yet? I don’t see it in the app store. Thx.

    • NAHB Now says:

      We’ve been informed that the Android version is in production, but no formal release date has been set. We’ll update the blog as soon as we receive more info. Thanks!

  5. scott kennedy says:

    Is this App still available and if so, where can I find it

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