Do Your Part to Stop EPA Water Rule

pondIt’s crunch time for an Environmental Protection Agency rule that dramatically expands the definition of “wetlands” under the Clean Water Act. And that means it’s time for you to make the call.

The Senate will vote on Nov.  3 on a bill that requires EPA to withdraw its rule that radically expands federal jurisdiction for areas required to obtain Section 404 building permits.

We need to pass this legislation and overturn this rule, which drives up home prices because of the costly, time-consuming permitting process that’s already in a huge backlog.

The bill made it to the Senate floor because of the grassroots effort of many, many members. Now, NAHB is calling on the entire Federation to contact their senators and insist they say “yes.”

We need this vote to rein in federal regulators and help builders and developers understand what’s “in” and what’s “out” when it comes to land that falls under the jurisdiction of EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers.

S. 1140, or the Federal Water Quality Protection Act, compels EPA to develop a more meaningful and balanced proposal to protect the nation’s waterways without infringing on states’ rights and triggering additional, expensive, prolonged permitting and regulatory requirements.

Two courts have already ruled that there is a substantial likelihood the rule is illegal, temporarily stopping implementation. However, litigation could drag on for years.

Moreover, the Corps warned EPA that it used flawed technical and scientific analysis to craft the regulation, also noting that it would be extremely difficult to implement.

The House approved similar legislation earlier this year. With the Nov. 3 Senate vote on S. 1140 quickly approaching, time is of the essence.

Act today.

  • Call your senators today using NAHB’s dedicated line: 866-924-6242
  • Write your senators at, where you’ll find a sample letter to help your legislator understand why this vote is so vital to your business.

Questions? Contact Courtney Briggs.

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  1. karen marshall says:

    We need to help builders and developers not hurt them they are the mainstay of our nation

  2. Gordon Hansen says:

    WE DO NOT NEED TO HAVE A DOG IN THIS FIGHT! STOP your opposition to the EPA – or – the NAHB will become nearly an unpopular as the NRA.

    • Susanna Strauss says:

      Gordon, We do have 3 dogs in the fight. WOTUS, Clean Power Act (did you read the document.. it is 152 pages}, and OSHA w unfair and probably illegal practices. All happening NOW. Thank GOD for the NAHB. and the NRA. I dont know where you are but in my world both these organizations are heroes. Enough said!

      • scott redmon says:

        Sorry, but the NRA is an embarrassment to proud gun owners like myself, and now the NAHB looks to further it’s position of profits over the environment, when a balancing act is what should be sought. Please don’t ask your members to have the same greedy tired opinions. I do not support the stricter regulations, but we can’t demonize the environmental movement or you will lose the free thinking members and end up with stagnant builder driven positions. When anyone says “enough said” it usually means they have a simplistic view of complex issues and don’t really want to have a healthy dialogue or just not clever enough to do so.

    • Jimmy says:

      Seriously, the NRA is only unpopular with those trying to strip us of our 2nd amendment rights.

  3. Mary Harjes says:

    Stop the EPA water rule.

  4. Joe says:

    Save the wetlands. We need them more than another development.

  5. Georgia watson says:

    Stop the EPA!

  6. Ronald Moon says:

    Please keep the EPA. from doing this and giving them to much power to do what ever what they want to do.

  7. David C. says:

    It has gotten to the point I spend half my time making sure I comply with local, federal and state regulations and have to spend the rest of the time explaining to customers why prices are going up and why it takes six months to get a permit if we can get one at all.

    To say we don’t have a dog in this fight is incorrect. We most certainly do. Government overreach must be stopped and the NRA is very popular in this neck of the woods. I’ll stand with both organizations and against the EPA.

  8. Michael says:

    As a builder and developer we have been dramatically impacted by DEC wetland delineation and interpretation. Once a determination has been made there is very little discussion or any hope of negotiation. The rules need to be eased to allow for the sensible use and protection of marginal wetland areas.

  9. Michael says:

    How about rebuild existing run-down buildings and stop tearing up more land? Ridiculous that you act like EPA is such an enemy. How about we keep as much pristine land as possible. Thanks

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