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salessuccessOver the last 20 years, Rocky Simmons and Mike Helwig have built more than 400 custom homes as the owners of Vision Homes in Morgantown, W. Va.

And that’s exactly why Simmons signed up to take the NAHB Marketing and Sales for Business Professionals course. “You have to keep learning,” he said, because home buying isn’t what it used to be.

“I started so long ago in the business – I’m still a phone call, handshake, face-to-face kind of guy. But our customers have changed,” Simmons said. Today’s home buyers know about products, they’ve done their research and they don’t want anyone to waste their time.

His sales force was looking for tweaks – ways to shorten the sales process and get potential customers the information they need when they need it, “so we can cut to the chase,” Simmons said. “We had to do a better job in the initial call, the initial email, so we don’t waste people’s time. People are going to know you before we get to them if you do your marketing right. They are going to be ready for you, so you better be ready for them.”

The marketing and sales course gave him the tools he needed – and Simmons was able to start using them right away.

“One thing I learned about and that we implemented right away was paying attention to consistency,” to make sure the website, collateral materials and other graphical information all looks like it comes from the same company.

Simmons also had important takeaways from the role-playing portion of the class. A typical question from a typical customer: What’s your house cost per square foot?

Marketing on Dark Digital Background.“The sales role guy did a great job on that answer,” Simmons said. “He said, ‘It depends on where you are standing.’ We have implemented that question into our presentation before the question comes up and we tell people we build a nice home, and are not the lowest per square foot, but sure think we are the best bang per square foot.”

And even though Simmons took the class online, he’s still able to review the class materials and take another look at the video recording of the presentation to remember what he learned.

Now that he’s taken Marketing and Sales for Building Professionals, “We are better prepared for our initial calls and much more prepared for our ‘first meeting,'” he said.

View the NAHB Course Calendar to see when the class is offered at an HBA near you. And while the class won’t be offered online again until next year, two other popular classes are scheduled for this fall: Financial Management Live Online (Nov. 3, 10, 17), and Advanced Green Building: Project Management Live Online (Dec. 1, 8, 15).

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