Home Builders in History: A Mammoth Accomplishment

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A reconstruction of a mammoth hut. Source: http://howardbloom.net/first-came-the-mammoth-then-came-the-architecture/

Howard Bloom’s reconstruction of a mammoth hut.

Along the Dnepr River in Ukraine about 14,000-15,000 years ago, a new housing trend began to emerge: mammoth bone huts.

Since the dawn of man, home builders have been using the latest technology to improve how they work. And even then, they also believed in resourcing locally — but then, of course, they had no choice.

Wanting to move out of their open-air homes dug into the subsoil, these early home builders began innovating a new hut design. By lashing together the bones and covering it with the hide left over from their mammoth hunts, they could build relatively elaborate homes.

A small hearth in the middle of the hut provided warmth during the night and winter.

As this new style began to catch on, more and more huts were erected by Paleolithic-era home builders. These new homes started to form the first mammoth bone settlements.

As these settlements grew, their inhabitants began designing kitchens, outhouses and flint workshops. Mammoth bone settlements were typically built atop ravines overlooking rivers, because this was where migrating animal herds were likely to be spotted.

These early homes may have been smaller than a Manhattan apartment but, by Paleolithic standards, some of these homes were worthy of a BALA entry.

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