Build the Construction Workforce in your Community

posterIt’s in everyone’s best interest: HBAs, our members and the schools in our communities need to work together on building industry workforce issues.

The shortage of skilled workers in many communities is a big problem. There’s also concern about whether there’s the right kind of training and education available to ensure the quality of the current workforce.

Without action, there’s no solution, so a well-thought-out, collaborative effort that reaches the nation’s educators and high school students can make a big difference.

Now, NAHB is assembling more resources to help HBAs and their members shine a spotlight on careers in the construction industry, address labor shortages and help educators direct their students toward meaningful employment and career choices.

Visit NAHB’s Skilled Workforce Development Resources to access tools you can use in your community, including new construction trades and construction management brochures and a poster. Each comes in a variety of formats to either print in your office or to send to a professional printer.

NAHB Student Chapters has also printed a small quantity of resource materials. To request free, professionally printed copies, email

These resources are perfect for tweens, teens, parents, teachers, guidance counselors and community leaders. Distribute them at career fairs, career exploration days, classroom visits, guidance counselor conferences and exhibit booths and local community events.

NAHB staff is working hard on your behalf in a team effort to address all are concerns regarding labor shortages. We’ll continue to roll out resources and remind you of the ongoing initiatives we are working for on your behalf.

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  1. As a member of the NAHB Student Chapter Advisory Council and chair of the Home Builders Institute Board of Trustees I am keenly aware of the disconnect between these two groups and state and local HBAs. It is absolutely critical that HBAs sponsor and nurture Student Chapters in their area. The Acorns that you plant today will be the Oak trees of tomorrow.

    And look to HBI as a resource for trained and certified workers in all of the trades. HBI is the single largest DOL approved trainer in Job Corp Centers nationwide. I can guarantee you that there is a Job Corp center near you. We have 7 training centers in New England. The placement rate for certified trainees is over 80%. The Center in Bangor, Maine has recently place 100% of the graduates from the Carpentry Program. Do you support our Veterans? HBI is now training Vets in FL and NC.

    Contact Student Chapters. Contact HBI. NOW!

  2. John Bitely says:

    The Greater Grand Rapids Home Building Association in Michigan seen this shortage over 2 years ago. We started a committee called “The Next Generation” We have done some really great things, connecting with our local community college, the local ABC association, DVD disk for local high school conselors and attending career days, and of course the big “Career Quest” that have thousands of school kids attending. Go to the Grand Rapids Mi HBA web site or CWDA – site for ideas
    thanks John

  3. John Kindt says:

    This is a great article that addresses a concern that we all should have in the construction industry. In addition to the ideas suggested here to address this concern, one can never underestimate the power of buying local.

    When you support local suppliers and contractors, every dollar spent and retained by the local economy equates to $1.50 in economic impact to that local economy. Another result with local support is job creation. With job creation, more homes are sold.

    Whether you are a local, regional or national home builder, take special note of the impact you can make with every dollar you spend. The proliferation of ‘national purchasing deals’ siphons economic traction from the communities you are invested in. Buying local makes these communities attractive to the very workforce referred to in this article.

    Buy local. Build not only a home but a job as well!

  4. Aaron dickerson says:

    We as a society need to overcome the negative stigma that everyone needs a college education. Learning a trade has always been a staple of every civilization. The construction industry needs to be viewed as a career path not a last resort occupation.

  5. Maurice Cowell says:

    Learning a trade has always been a staple of every civilization. The construction industry needs to be viewed as a career path not a last resort occupation. – I just love how opinionated this comment is.

  6. Maurice says:

    Most people, especially parents, want their children to finish college degrees. They think that a college degree is the ticket to having successful jobs. Actually, the ticket to successful jobs is skills.

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