Don’t Get Caught: Use the NAHB Independent Contractor Guide

spiderHome builders, remodelers and their trade partners often hire independent contractors for specialized tasks. But none want to fall afoul of states that may classify these contractors as “employees” under tax, employee benefit, labor and employment laws.

Now, thanks to the efforts of the Construction Liability, Risk Management and Building Materials Committee, NAHB has a brand-new guide to help you understand the law in your state — and any other state where you may do business.

This valuable tool is the latest benefit for NAHB members, who otherwise might need to collect the information on their own or buy $349 CDs to get it all in one place.

The state-by-state guide examines the laws that determine whether a worker is an independent contractor or employee, with an emphasis on the tests commonly used to determine worker status for purposes of unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, and revenue, or taxation.

Employers  in a number of industries have classified some of their employees as independent contractors as a cost-savings measure. That has brought increased federal and state focus on the issue, and some states have sharpened their sights on the construction industry.

Visit the page to learn more, or download the full guide to keep as a reference.

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