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graphicofpeopleWhen the two managing partners of a new home-focused marketing firm decided to get a little team building going at their upcoming corporate retreat, they knew exactly whom to call: NAHB Affiliate Services.

Most EOs know about NAHB Affiliate Services and the work its staff does, such as board planning sessions, governance education, and other events and sessions that can help turn good local associations into better ones.

Mitch Levinson and Carol Morgan, managing partners of mRELEVANCE, MIRMs and longtime volunteer NAHB leaders, knew about their work too – and decided that NAHB would be the perfect choice to administer a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and help them figure out how all 15 employees could work together and excel as a team.

Before the retreat, each team member completed the MBTI by answering questions about how they think and process information: how they employ logic, how they perceive the world around them, how much they need to mull over decisions before they act. By understanding their best fit among 16 personality types and understanding their teammates’ types, people gain a better understanding of how to work together.

“What we got out of this was tremendous,” Levinson said. “It helped us as owners and managers and bosses so we could help them with not only their day-to-day work but also larger company initiatives.”

Some team members are more introverted, which in MBTI language is less about shyness and more about needing time to themselves to ponder their thoughts before coming up with good ideas. “You can’t give someone like that an agenda 10 minutes before the meeting begins,” Levinson said. “They need to think about processes a little more before they make decisions.” And it’s only fair, he said, to give them the right tools — like more lead time – “to get the best out of them.”

The MBTI gave Levinson and Morgan more insight into their own personalities as well, Morgan said. “We both tend to be very, very direct, and that can come across as aggressive and confrontational” when talking to certain personality types, she said. Understanding the MBTI types “has caused us to step back and ask questions differently.”

It also helped Levinson and Morgan gain appreciation of how different personality types give balance to a team and help it excel. “Not everybody is cut out to be a strategist or has an entrepreneurial mindset,” Morgan said, but other attributes, like the ability to pay extremely close attention to detail, help the team succeed as a whole. “It brought us closer together, collectively, because you could understand how to work with a particular person” by better understanding how they tick.

Since then, whenever a new employee joins the mRELEVANCE team, they fill out the MBTI, Levinson said. “It’s a great resource that more NAHB members need to know about.”

Schedule an MBTI assessment or workshop by contacting NAHB’s Donna Oliver, a certified consultant, at 800-368-5242 x8332. It costs $750 for the 3-5 hour program, in addition to testing fees.


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