Financing Has Evolved. So, Here’s This Shark Tank.

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Fortunately, it’s only shark-like people, not the scary man-eating kind.

A three-hour master education session on the new financing landscape for builders is also a great opportunity to talk to investors for your next project during the International Builders’ Show. Financing Has Evolved. Have You? is set for Wednesday, Jan. 21, from 12:30-3:30 p.m. in South 233 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

It’s a panel discussion and a networking opportunity all in one as builders and developers get the latest on acquisition, development and construction loans from the people who make them and get them.

From the perspectives of both builders and financing sources, attendees will hear the advantages and disadvantages of various financing alternatives and discover what options make the most sense for their business needs. You’ll also learn how to make a favorable first impression on financing firms and how to set the stage for long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

After the discussion, NAHB will present its version of Shark Tank, the ABC television show that features inventors pitching their products to would-be investors. Three builders will make their individual pitches for financing to a panel of lenders and investors who will assess the pros and cons of each and tell the audience why their company would or would not make the loans.

Following Shark Tank, the attendees can meet with representatives from a variety of financing sources and discuss their credit needs in one-on-one conversations.

To attend this Master Session, a full registration or a one-day education registration for the day of the session is required. You can also reserve your seat for an extra $25. For additional information about this session, contact Becky Froass at 800-368-5242 x8529.

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