2014 SAFE Awards Ramps Up, 2013 Innovative Safety Program of the Year Profiled

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The NAHB/Builder’s Mutual Safety Award for Excellence (SAFE) is accepting applications through Sept. 26. SAFE  acknowledges and honors individuals for developing and implementing high-quality, innovative, worksite safety programs.

One of the categories you can nominate both members and non-members for is the NAHB Innovative Safety Program/Idea of the Year. Applicants for this award category consist of individuals or companies who have initiated an idea, product, service, or program that has contributed toward advancing safety in the home building industry.

Check out the 2013 award recipients below to see what it takes to win.

Innovative Safety Program/Idea of the Year (Three Winners)

Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva – Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva provides services geared toward making all homes more comfortable and energy efficient, and is setting the standard for home improvement contractors.  The company follows normal safety procedures, but also goes the extra mile to protect employees and customers.  By performing a gas leak detection inspection during the initial visit to a home, crews are kept safe regardless of the home owner’s decision to have work completed. Over the past year, Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva has found several significant gas leaks that would have been disastrous, but with their approach, numerous families, homes and communities have been saved.

Pike Consulting Group LLC – Pike Consulting Group LLC is a third-party safety company helping home builders and subcontractors understand what their obligations are regarding OSHA and jobsite safety.  Pike, in conjunction with the Greater Atlanta HBA, won the title of “Best Educational Series in 2013” for presenting the “How to be OSHA Compliant” training to over 500 home builders in 2013.  Pike Consulting Group has also successfully deployed its Construction Compliancy System at more than 100 home building subcontractor companies, and provided training to over 1,000 workers who have had no prior formal safety training.  Pike Consulting Group’s onsite consultation has created a safer, cleaner and healthier environment for clients and employees.

Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development Company (WREDCO)– Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development Company is composed of five separate home building companies that operate in different regions of the United States. In order to prevent injuries and communicate basic safety expectations to all workers conducting any task on WRECO job sites, each home building company conducts a safety orientation for their vendors and subcontractors.  The orientation establishes the expectation that all workers must do their work onsite safely–the first time–with proper safety equipment. It also includes a review of general safety expectations, such as reporting incidents to the site project manager, reviewing required personal protection equipment, checking to make certain tools with safety guards are in good working condition, properly using ladders and scaffolds, understanding housekeeping and fall protection practices, and paying attention to fire prevention measures.  By implementing this safety orientation program, safety expectations are communicated to all workers, which helps to reduce injuries and improve compliance.

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