Free Lumber Trade Critical for U.S. Housing, NAHB Tells Commerce Department

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100653773With the current Softwood Lumber Agreement between the U.S. and Canada set to expire in October 2014 and the two nations now deciding whether to re-open negotiations, NAHB has weighed in with the U.S. government on the need to maintain access to competitively priced and readily available softwood lumber.

In written comments submitted to the U.S. Commerce Department on May 29, NAHB said that “it is imperative that our government does not act to artificially raise the cost of housing through trade restrictions.”

Canada is the source of approximately 25% of all the lumber used in U.S. home building and trade restrictions in imported lumber cause artificial price increases and volatile swings in the lumber market, both of which hurt housing affordability.

“Because of the harmful effects of artificial price increases, NAHB is strongly opposed to border measures such as quotas, tariffs or export fees that restrict imports of Canadian lumber,” NAHB told Commerce Department officials. “NAHB supports changes to make lumber supply more responsive to market demand and opposes supply constraints that contribute to volatility in lumber prices.”

For more information, email Suzanne Beall at NAHB or call her at 800-368-5242 x8407.

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