Tell Us How the Coronavirus Is Impacting Your Business

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coronavirusNAHB continues to closely monitor the spread of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). We understand this unprecedented situation can present challenges to members of the association and our local and state associations.

To help us most effectively advocate for the needs of the housing industry, we would like to understand how the coronavirus may be impacting your business. This will help us promote policy changes to keep the housing sector running with as little disruption as possible during this difficult time.

Please complete this brief, confidential survey today.

For the latest news and information related to COVID-19, visit NAHB’s Coronavirus Preparedness and Response section on

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  1. Rich Audet says:

    What I am hearing from my clients is that they are concerned about the coronavirus but still have their eyes forward to the deficit in available housing. So far, what I’m hearing is people ready to continue building through these difficult times.

  2. Julian says:

    Some clients are stepping back to wait it out while others are trying to move forward carefully.

  3. Paul Whitener says:

    My biggest fear is if we have a recession and there is price deflation in housing inventory or supply’s my home will be worth less than I built it for. There is no clear picture for at least the next 90 days.

  4. Robert Lieto says:

    It is very hard to sell high end features that express family get-together and ask for budget on AV and such. Folks are focused on basics right now.

  5. Alex Craig says:

    Our sales have dropped tremendously. There are still some but in general most consumers are staying home.

  6. Duane says:

    As a landscaper, specializing in maintenance, all outdoor construction in Pa. has been suspended for who knows when. Even if I can get a SBA loan, I cannot make up for revenue lost. And why should I borrow money to go in debt
    because I’m not working. It makes no sense. If I don’t have revenue I can’t pay back that loan. And a $1200 check from the feds won’t help my business for a day. I’m too close to retirement and have lost 1/3 of the nest egg in the markets. I already have cancellations so my feeling is quite pessimistic.


    We are now facing lock out of certain buildings we are working on, certain building departments not going into existing buildings for 30 days– these are just a few of the uncertainly we are dealing with– we are fortunate to have a few projects on private property to keep our crews going

  8. Daryl W Ricks says:

    My small business does repair and replacement of kitchen and bath. Everyone has postponed the work this is not a great margin business. The 3 men that help me are at home because of this virus situation. There bill will be in the rears as well as mine. It will take us all some time to get back on top of the whole thing. No one person is to blame we will
    Just pull together and work our way out at the end.

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