Trump Shows Support for Home Building in Message to NAHB Members

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President Donald Trump commended the hard work of NAHB members in a video message played today during the Meeting of the Members at the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas. He also discussed the importance of reducing regulations to keep the price of homes affordable.

This video has expired.

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  1. Jeri Duong says:

    Thank you President Trump! We appreciate your support for affordable new homes and helping with regulations throughout our country. Western Kentucky for Trump 2020!

  2. BEN FRENCH says:

    Can anyone really believe anything this man says? I don’t!!!

  3. Andrew Bales says:

    4 more years!! Let increase the number of H1B, H2B & H3B visas! We need at least 1 million more skilled construction workers. Some markets labor has nearly doubled (which speaks loads about the great job our President is doing.)

  4. Scott Sedam says:

    I will get attacked for saying this, but people need to stand up and speak out, so bring it on. The sad fact is we have a criminal running our country, and a pathological liar, so anything he says or does cannot make up for that. Forget everything that has happened since the election if you like, the way he ran his business for 40 years is far beyond the pale, with 6 bankruptcies he is proud of, running roughshod over and not paying hundreds of contractors, and the Southern District of New York has him skipping out on $400 million in taxes through fraud, inflating the worth or property to get loans, deflating those same properties for taxes. As a 30+ year NAHB member, I am offended he was asked to do this video. I would have walked out. We should not invite into our midst the most immoral and unethical president in the history of the republic. Surely we are still capable of finding a politician to represent our policy goals who is not a fraud, a crook and a con artist.

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