NAHB Podcast: Is Upzoning a Trend or a Solution?

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On this episode of Housing Developments, co-hosts CEO Jerry Howard and Chief Lobbyist Jim Tobin discuss the latest trend in the fight for affordable housing: upzoning. Does this policy have the legs to be more than a trend and become a solution?

Special guest Monte Mraz, president of the Minnesota Metropolitan Contracts Association, joins the hosts to discuss the “Minneapolis 2040” plan which aims to make desirable housing affordable and accessible to all Minneapolis residents by 2040. The main component of this plan is to eliminate single-family zoning throughout the city and increase housing unit density.

Listen to the episode below, or wherever you find podcasts, to hear about the pros and cons of upzoning. A list of the podcast outlets with official Housing Developments feeds can be found at

Read the Minneapolis 2040 plan here.


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    Cool! Thank yoᥙ for tһis article!

  2. Alicia Huey says:

    Love the podcast! Very informative.

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