Local HBA Spearheads Hurricane Relief Efforts for Bahamas

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hurricane dorian itemsWhen news broke that Hurricane Dorian was about the ravage the Bahamas and slam Florida’s coast, Chassity Vega, executive officer of Greater Orlando Builders Association (GOBA), sprang into action. Since then, hundreds of hurricane relief items have been collected and shipped to the Bahamas

“Florida knows the pains of major hurricanes…your immediate response is to help,” said Vega, who spearheaded the relief efforts. The entire community, including HBA staff, were hunkering down for the storm when Vega organized an initial conference call with a few GOBA members.

“You’re running on adrenaline,” shared Vega. During the call, members and HBA staff came up with a plan to coordinate a hurricane relief drive. Immediately after the call, HBA staff developed a flyer and shared it on GOBA’s social media channels. Vega then distributed the flyer to other executive officers (EOs).

The response was overwhelming.

Local building officials and project superintendent attendees load donations to support Hurricane Dorian relief efforts

Teachers, hospitals, churches, salons, other businesses and individuals looking for a way to help started coming to GOBA in droves to drop off hurricane relief items. The Tampa Bay BA, Marion County BIA, Volusia BIA and HBA of Lake-Sumter also collected items to contribute to GOBA. Before long, the office was filled with medical supplies, food, diapers, water, hygiene products and generators. Through community connections, GOBA successfully filled two trailers full of hurricane relief items and coordinated a drop-off location for shipment.

Vega credits the success of the drive to the rapid response of HBA members and the dedicated GOBA staff, “It shows the community that we are in this together.”

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  1. Douglas Keaty says:

    Great effort, those supplies were greatly needed. Unfortunately the corrupt government would require a 45% tax on the value of the goods donated before they hit the shore, I hope it was everted. I was there installing tarps on roofs and mucking-out homes for two weeks and I saw the dishonest conduct by those in power first hand. The government even tried to tax every relief worker $700 to come to their island and donate free labor for their desperate citizens. Thankfully that was expunged.
    I know that HBA members have a heart for those in need when disaster strikes, I am one of us. I am also a volunteer relief worker with 2 NGO’s.
    We are builders and construction companies, we have a hell of a lot of expertise and know-how, our services are desperately needed when these disasters strike. I encourage each of you to get the training and supplies to protect your family, first, from what might threaten you in your part of the country, then go get free training from an NGO that can use a few builders like you. What you know and do will fit into the huge arena of disaster response. You will get paid, with hugs, smiles and tears of joy, and that compensation will last the rest of your life.

  2. Very nice work! Way to step up in an amazing way!

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