Huge Wealth Gap Between Home Owners and Renters

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A recent report by the U.S. Census Bureau on household wealth in 2015 reveals that the wealth gap between home owners and renters is striking: The median net worth of home owners is 80 times larger than the median net worth of renters.

The report found that home equity accounted for the largest portion of net worth in 2015 (34.1%). Moreover, a relatively small number of assets constituted the majority of household wealth.

For example, two asset categories – equity in own home and retirement accounts – accounted for 62.9% of household net worth in 2015.

View the Census report on household wealth in 2015 and click here for highlights on the report’s findings.

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  1. bill lazar says:

    you think this has anything to do with the shortage of affordable housing for first time homebuyers over the last ten years? while investors are buying up middle class homes and renting them out, the homebuilding industry is missing out on a huge volume of pent-up demand

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