HBA Funding Available to Support Construction Career Programs

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career fair The National Housing Endowment (NHE) and the Skilled Labor Fund (SLF) launched two new grant programs to help HBAs attract the next generation of skilled workers. The Building Careers Program Grants and Career Connection Grant will support local workforce development efforts as the industry continues to address the skilled labor shortage.

“These grant programs not only help to fund actual skills training, but also address the need to introduce residential construction as a rewarding career path,” said NHE Chair Rick Judson.

Building Careers Program Grants
The SLF and the Home Builders Institute (HBI) are committed to working with secondary and post-secondary educational institutions to support student access to school-based, instructional programs and skills training in the residential construction trades. HBI offers a nationally recognized curriculum and ongoing instructor support. The SLF will provide financial assistance to schools unable to fund the total cost of the annual fee to license the HBI Pre-Apprenticeship Certificate Training (PACT) curriculum. Grants will be awarded up to $12,500. Learn more and access the application.

The SLF also accepts applications for a variety of residential workforce programs that provide students technical training, education and placement. Access the application.

Career Connections Grant
Local and state HBAs are encouraged to apply for the Career Connections Grant. Funding is available to support activities that introduce students to careers in residential skilled trades, including:

  • Traditional “career fairs” where students meet prospective employers in a trade show type of format
  • Presentations where industry professionals educate students about career opportunities in residential skilled trades
  • Industry participation in community or school-organized career events
  • Any bona fide activity that promotes the trades to students or endeavors to make employment connections

The NHE will provide funds up to $2,500 per event. Learn more and access the application.

The deadline to apply for grants is May 15.

For more information about the Building Careers Program Grants, contact NHE President & CEO Mark Pursell or HBI’s David Howard.

For more information about the Career Connections Grant, contact Caroline Fabacher.

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  1. Lynn says:

    We are a career center with a Construction Trades program. Will the Career Connections Grant be opened anytime soon?

  2. Lynn Rott says:

    Our vocational center is working to fill the skills gap with its Construction Trades program!

    Please confirm that the Skilled Labor Fund Grant (that accepts applications for a variety of residential workforce programs that provide students technical training, education, and placement) is now open. Are there guidelines as to what types of requests and amounts are typically granted?

    Thank you!

  3. Mark Pursell says:

    The Skilled Labor Fund gives preference to applications that come directly from local or state home builder associations. The “Career Connections” grant is for career fair activity or any event that endeavors to introduce high school or middle school students to the possibilities of a career in residential skilled trades. The link to the application is above as posted by Caroline.

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