Local HBA Economic and Housing Stats Online Tool Available

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neighborhood photoNAHB updated an online tool that makes it easy for HBAs to compare local housing markets. The tool provides economic and housing market statistics for all HBAs and covers 12 key economic and demographic statistics. This unique feature allows HBAs to compare local housing markets to other associations, state and/or national figures.

The statistics provided are NAHB tabulations based on an aggregation of county-level data from the 2017 American Community Survey (ACS) five-year estimates and 2017 Building Permits Survey. Both the ACS and Building Permits Survey are conducted by the Census Bureau. All estimates are derived from the latest available data.

The NAHB tabulated statistics include:

  • Population
  • Number of Owner-Occupied Housing Units
  • Homeownership Rates
  • Home Owner Vacancy Rates
  • Single-Family Concentration
  • Value of Home Owned
  • Income of Home Owners
  • Share of Homes Recently Built
  • Single-Family Permits Issued
  • Single-Family Permits Change from 2016
  • Multifamily Permits Issued
  • Multifamily Permits Change from 2016

 The tool is available for use on HousingEconomics.com


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