A Note from Jerry Konter, Candidate for Third Vice Chairman of NAHB

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Jerry KonterIt’s been over a year now since I first stood before you to inform you that I would seek the Office of Third Vice Chairman of this great association. Well, here we are at the cusp of IBS! As this will be one of the last times I communicate with you as a candidate, I wanted to fill you in on my activities of the past year.

I made a commitment to each of you that I would reach out to the membership seeking advice and counsel concerning your thoughts on the priorities of our association. Visiting with members across the country, I must admit that I have become a much better listener. I heard you when you told me that our locals must remain strong. I heard your concerns about our dues structure, labor and lot shortages. Yes, we have many problems facing our industry. But we have a great team and we will face our challenges head on and never give up the fight.

On Feb. 21, at the Board of Directors meeting, you will have the opportunity to confirm my candidacy, electing me as your Third Vice Chairman of our senior officer team. I’m all in!! And, I’m ready to go to work.

Please stop by our campaign room at the Las Vegas Convention Center in the North Concourse, Room 104 beginning Monday, Feb. 18. Our team would love to chat with you. OR, feel free to call me on my cell at 912-313-9314.



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  1. Jim Paulson says:

    One thing I hope is finally addressed is that when a member joins more than one local association, that they quit getting charged for additional state and national dues for subsequent memberships! For example, here in Idaho, we have two associations in the same SMSA so many members join both. There is no benefit to a second membership in the same state and no benefit for a second national membership as well. There are no additional services provided at the state or national level for subsequent memberships so how is it even legal to charge for services that are not provided? Thanks for looking into this.

  2. Scott Sevon says:

    Jerry, I know you will very hard for the members! Although I wont be in attendance due to surgery you have my full support! Scott Sevon

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