Stand Up for Housing and Vote on Nov. 6

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Be sure to get out and vote on Nov. 6 and do your part to ensure that housing is a winner in the midterm elections.

Housing plays a critical role in our local, regional and national economies. To help ensure lawmakers understand the importance of our industry, NAHB is officially endorsing more than 230 Republican and Democratic congressional incumbents and candidates in the upcoming Nov. 6 elections.

View this page to see who NAHB is endorsing in your state or congressional district.

Don’t allow this political season to pass you by. Housing — and your business — simply can’t afford it.

So get off the sidelines, go to the polls and make housing a winner on Election Day.






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  1. Robert Salzman says:

    As usual, all but one are Republican. How disappointing. They aren’t really the best choice for housing. just Republicans.

    I’ve watched this for 20+ years. First when I was a Republican, now, that I’ve divorced myself from the far right, I see that everyone these days in my chosen field votes with their wallets. How disappointing.

  2. Michael McCord says:

    Why Ratcliff, disrict 4 Texas?

  3. Steve Kearns says:

    This president’s trade policies have been disastrous for the building industry – think steel and lumber tariffs – and yet you endorse an overwhelming number of republicans across the country. I am appalled.

  4. CT says:

    I can’t believe the NAHB is endorsing Bob Menendez, D-NJ, after his damning bribery, fraud and corruption trial! This is such a bad look for NAHB. Not only is he a blatantly unethical senator who should be in jail, his indictment was for receiving bribes in return for political favors! Thus any special interest group (like the NAHB) that associates with Menendez is tainted!

    If you’re not familiar with this, Bob Menendez was longtime friends with a doctor in Florida. This doctor donated around $750,000 to Menendez’s campaign, he allowed him to use his private jet, paid for his vacation in Paris, etc. In return Menendez took several actions that benefited this doctor. This doctor also requested Menendez help expedite visas for his Dominican girlfriends and help accelerate shipments form the Dominican Republican held up in customs. Menendez does not deny this, most of this is documented, instead he claims these are just things, good friends do for each other. Well, this good friend, is currently in jail for defrauding Medicare!!! His trial ended up in a hung jury so he got away with it. It’s up to the voters to hold him accountable.

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