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Budget-Friendly Materials Can Lead to Hidden Costs

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Every day, builders face decisions on the jobsite that affect the integrity of their craft and the bottom line for their business. In some cases, minor changes can mean major savings, but for Saussy Burbank — a semi-custom home builder in the Carolinas — the decision to switch from AdvanTech® subflooring to a lower-quality OSB led to increased warranty claims, frustrated builders and home owners, and, ultimately, no cost savings.

subflooring“In 2008, when the recession was in full swing and the home building industry took a big hit, we needed to cut back costs,” said Robert Hoffman, warranty manager for Saussy Burbank. “We switched from AdvanTech subflooring to a cheaper product — and that’s exactly what we got, a cheap product.”

According to Hoffman, the low-quality OSB created movement issues that led to squeaky floors. The Saussy Burbank team attributed the movement issues to a lack of fastener-holding power when the OSB panels were exposed to the elements.

“During this time, 90% of the houses we completed had complaints related to squeaking, cracking, popping and moving [floors],” Hoffman said. “The calls were significant enough for us to recognize that the problems were related to the subfloor, not the climate or our installers.”

After crunching the numbers on how much labor was being spent using the low-quality OSB, Hoffman said, “It only makes sense to use AdvanTech products.”

A few years ago, Saussy Burbank switched back to AdvanTech subflooring, and Hoffman says the warranty calls related to squeaks have gone away — they haven’t had a customer complaint in more than two years.

“You’re chasing your tail if you try to fix problems without looking at the root,” Hoffman said. “The quality of AdvanTech panels is clear — look at the density, feel it, cut it, use it. We’ve learned a lesson through our experience and won’t use any subfloor other than AdvanTech.”

As the first high-performance engineered wood subflooring product on the market 20 years ago, Advantech subflooring created and has perfected new standards for top-quality subflooring. Home owners, builders and framers alike recognize the level of performance AdvanTech products bring to finished floor systems.

Backed by a lifetime limited warranty and a 500-day no-sanding guarantee, AdvanTech panels are engineered to perform at above-code standards as documented in third-party testing results published in ESR-1785. Manufactured with the highest level of quality control and precision, AdvanTech panels are engineered using advanced resin technology, high wood density and a unique tongue-and-groove profile for a secure fit to help prevent squeaks.

AdvanTech subflooring delivers the total performance package of strength, fastener-holding power and moisture resistance. For more information, visit AdvanTechQuiet.com.

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