NAHB Federation Honors Spikes in November

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November is Spike Appreciation Month, a time to recognize the efforts of one of the most active and dedicated groups in NAHB membership – the recruiters.

Member-to-member recruitment efforts are the largest source of growth for our Federation. The NAHB Spike Club recognizes our members’ outstanding efforts recruiting new members and retaining the members we already have.

NAHB Chairman Randy Noel is an active Spike and shows his appreciation in this video.


Why do these dedicated members recruit?

Sean Halsey, owner of Halsey Homes in Fredericksburg, Va., says, “I believe in our message. I speak from the heart when it comes to what our association does for all of us in the industry. I speak to our potential members on each level from local, to state, to national about what we accomplish as a group.”

And how do Spikes get potential members to join?

“I look for what interests that particular recruit. Sometimes it’s rebates. Sometimes it’s education. Find out what your prospect’s hot buttons are,” Halsey adds.

Chris Hawkins, partner at Bayou City Risk in Spring, Texas, was fortunate to have had a Spike mentor. “The late great Emilio Silvestri taught me, ‘The task is to ask.’ So that is what I do. I ask everyone I deal with if they are a member.” Usually all the prospective member needs is to be asked.

Spikes are honored for their contributions to the Federation and are regarded as accomplished and connected members. Additionally, Spikes receive:

  • A complementary ticket to the biggest party of the year, the IBS Closing Spike Concert with a chance to win special VIP access
  • Increased visibility, recognition and networking opportunities at industry events
  • Unique and valuable lapel pins for each level of achievement
  • National recognition on the Spike Wall of Fame and Top 100 leaderboards
  • Additional VIP treatment throughout the year

Interested in becoming a Spike? Read more about it at and download the Prospect Rolodex to jump-start your recruiting.

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