The Crucial Role of Online Sales Counselors in Today’s Market

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toolboxHome builders can miss many sales in a hot market without a high-performing online sales program built to capture and maximize the potential of every incoming lead.

The Great Recession reminded home builders that every lead is precious. As the economy continues to improve and inventory remains low, home builders must remember the significance of every lead and incremental sale. When sales teams are busy and meeting goals, it’s natural to take what you get and ignore lost opportunities.

Today’s new home prospects, increasingly dominated by millennials and digital natives, want a home-buying process that plays out quickly and easily from a laptop or mobile device. A successful online sales program will meet the demands of these buyers while capturing each lead and leaving less money on the table.

So what are the key elements of a high-performing online sales program?

Hiring a Great Online Sales Counselor

The core of a successful online sales program is the talent and drive of the online sales counselor (OSC). This program is not a call center. The OSC must be a dynamic sales professional who is self-motivated, organized, team oriented, and personally grounded. The role can be challenging to fill because the key attributes of a great OSC are so diverse.

The OSC must be a skilled listener, connecting the buyer’s needs with the builder’s offerings and making an onsite appointment.

5 Traits to Look for When Searching for a Star OSC:

  • Rockstar phone skills
  • Passionately organized
  • Competitive
  • Team oriented
  • History of success

Technical Support: Get These 3 Tools of the OSC Trade

CRM including programmed follow-up system: The mainframe of the successful OSC program is a great CRM. Every lead that comes in to the OSC is documented in the CRM and connected to an automatic follow-up task system. When the OSC rates the lead, the follow-up path for that type of lead populates and the OSC has a defined daily step for nurturing the lead into an appointment.

A call tracking system: Call tracking (CallRail, PhoneWagon) is a game changer for the online sales program, since it records every call and provides a dynamic coaching tool for sales managers and their OSC teams. The system also provides detailed reporting on call source, call times, length of calls, calls missed, quality of calls and more.

Chat software: Website chat software (LiveChat, LivePerson) is easy to integrate with most websites and affordable. A chat function that prompts the website visitor to quickly engage with the OSC is highly desired by today’s buyers who often choose to reach out quickly without making the commitment of a phone call.

Creating a high-performing online sales program pays huge dividends to builders who refuse to miss precious leads even when the market is hot. The online sales program is a revenue generator, not a call center. By creating OSC programs with great talent, follow-up systems and progressive technology, home builders will see stronger profits and better meet the demands of today’s buyer.

Lise Anzelone is the regional director of sales for HHHunt Homes, a private home builder with in Virginia and North Carolina. This post is adapted from a story in the Sept./Oct. 2018 issue of Sales + Marketing Ideas. Download the Sales + Marketing Ideas app on iTunes or Google Play to read it.

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