HBAs Upping Their Recruitment Games

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Paper airplanes teamwork flying to red flag target.HBAs around the country are working hard to bring in new members this fall and win cash. NAHB is offering incentives to boost local recruitment efforts – and the results are beginning to show.

The Maryland BIA held its annual membership drive in September, but after hearing about NAHB’s cash incentives, it extended its drive into October.

With the theme “Membership: Your Most Valuable Tool,” Maryland’s drive has garnered the most participation the BIA has seen in five years. So far, 35 members are actively recruiting and 18 have already brought in at least one new member.

A package of prizes is on the line for the recruiters, primarily as luxury add-ons to the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas this February – dinner, spa treatments and tickets to a show. As exciting as the prizes are, the key to Maryland’s success so far is having five strong team captains who have really bought into the effort and are extending that enthusiasm and sense of competition to their teams – and ultimately to their prospects.

“People who haven’t recruited in years have brought in new members,” said Chris Baughan, Maryland BIA Director of Membership & Sales. “People really don’t care about the prizes as much as they do the recognition and the competition.”

And the Maryland BIA is capitalizing on that. Its Fall Membership Drive web page is posting and updating growth progress, goals, new members, prospect lists, teams of recruiters and new member counts – everything and anything to keep the recognition high and competition alive.

Donna Barrett, CEO of Florida’s Charlotte-Desoto BIA, is offering a free trip to IBS 2019 to her association’s top recruiter. She calls them every day to keep them updated. Her tip: “Don’t think that just because you created a membership drive that people will be excited. You have to call up people that were once excited and ask, ‘What will it take for you to bring in five members this month?'”

The Indiana Builders Association knows how to create a membership drive and get members to buy in quickly. In fact, the group did it in about three weeks.

Director of Communication Reagan Van Cleave said that the key was getting leadership participation. “Making sure leadership was on board and willing to help made it easier. I can pull off the logistics and administrative part, but the leaders are the ones gathering the interest and efforts. Members and local EOs got excited and ready to recruit because they felt the senior officers were participating, too,” she said.

Reagan and IBA president Pat Richard had 24 conference calls with EOs and presidents all over the state to say, “This is what is going on, this is what we are doing, and I hope you are behind me.”

IBA deployed staff and leadership across the state and posted updates to its Facebook group to keep the competition going throughout the day. Packages of prizes, including a donation of prime tickets to a Colts game, kept the recruiters motivated to win.

On IBA’s designated drive day, the group saw a membership increase of nearly 10% and expects growth through the month of October about 50 more members.

The Greater Atlanta HBA is also using its Facebook page during its Membership Drive Call-A-Thon to keep the excitement alive.

NAHB looks forward to seeing more results of how all how HBAs upped their games during the fall recruitment season.

Tell us what your HBA is doing so we can share your successes, too. You can submit your story on our Membership Central Facebook group or HBA Connect. You can also email us directly at membership@nahb.org.


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  1. Following up with all of my leads with personal calls, more emails and snail mail too! Asking for referrals through these calls, emails and letters too! ONwards and UPwards!

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