HBA of Metro Portland’s Home Show Goes Green

recycling bagThis year, the HBA of Metro Portland’s home show not only featured six beautiful single-family houses in a planned Oregon community, but it did so in an environmentally friendly manner.

Committed to reducing the carbon footprint of its month-long Street of Dreams, the HBA collected the cans and bottles from the event, which totaled 8,712 recyclables filling up 132 bags.

Through a collaboration with the Bottle Drop recycling program, the association then converted its bounty of bottles and cans into over $800 in cash, donating this money to the local non-profit organization Home Plate Youth Services, which provides support to young people experiencing homelessness or housing instability.

“With many builders in the Pacific Northwest embracing green building principles, it made complete sense that our home show should also be environmentally responsible,” said Kaitlin Torney, sustainability and educational manager at the HBA of Metro Portland. “The fact that we were then able to donate our proceeds to a valuable organization committed to fighting homelessness made this an even more rewarding endeavor.”

For more information about NAHB’s green and sustainability initiatives, contact Program Manager Megan Carroll.

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  1. Jan Scott Rowland says:

    Which non-profit organization?

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