Court Blocks Plan to End Immigrant Protection Program

gavel and booksAs NAHB continues to work with Congress to find a way to extend expiring federal Temporary Protected Status (TPS) designations for over 300,000 individuals from nations including Haiti, El Salvador and Honduras, a federal judge has blocked the Trump administration from terminating the program.

The TPS program grants provisional legal status to migrants who are unable to return to their home countries as a result of enduring crises such as health epidemics, war or natural disasters.

TPS individuals are legally authorized to work, with an estimated 52,000 employed in the construction industry. Many have been in the United States for more than a decade.

Since the administration announced it would no longer renew TPS designation for these countries, NAHB has continued to call on both Congress and the president to prevent the uncertainty and economic damage that would result from the loss of legal status for these individuals and ensure they can continue to reside and work legally in this country.

On Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Edward M. Chen issued a preliminary injunction so the merits of the administration’s plans can be considered. The potential harm to the immigrants — returning to their home countries after spending years here — outweighed any harm to the government, he said.

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  1. Robin Sproul says:

    I see no comments so far. Here in New Mexico we are experiencing a drastic, deep, and terrible labor shortage. The legal immigrants scattered after 2008-2009 and the Trump administration isn’t letting any more in. Meanwile, I’m offering 1 1/2 the pay I did a year ago and still have no takers. I hope the contractors in Wisconsin are satisfied. This President is so great. Republicans are so great. Every downturn in the economy that I have seen in the last 60 years has come at the hands of Repulicans. After the Democrats bring it back the Republicans take credit and thrash it again.

    • Todd Kane says:

      Quit whining train the younger workforce an give these kids a bright future or maybe you don’t have the ability to train?

  2. Robin Sproul says:

    Maybe I’m missing something. All I can say to my fellow-contractors is, get ready–don’t have too much inventory. Pay off debt. Collect debts. Forego dividends and earnings. Buy gold. Divest ground that didn’t come cheap with immediate potential. Liquidate. Make plans. You haven’t much time. Everybody knows there’s a cataclysm coming. It’s a matter when, not if. The financial guys manufacture these things for our convenience. This is the longest running bull we’ve had in a while. When things go good you say it’ll last forever. I don’t go by circumstances. I go by history.

  3. Todd Kane says:

    As far as I am concerned NAHB should keep their nose out of it and start training these younger guys. Most just want to earn a living, treat them like adults and weed out the ones wasting time so the others can grow! Build the future with Americans! Stop crying like a bunch of babies!

  4. Kent Sherry says:

    I have to agree with Tod to some extent. There are a lot of American citizens available to work. But there is a difference between being available and the desire to work. One employer said that he hired several young employees, they worked for a couple of weeks, drew their paycheck and disappeared. It is also difficult to find people who can pass a drug test, has a high school education, and can speak English. Immigrants are hungry for these jobs, but for me they must be legal or they are not going to be hired. It just goes across the fabric of our nation when we circumvent our laws. Create our own laws like California and other sanctuary states. There are a lot of early retirees who are looking for work as well as older retirees in good health. Both have strong work habits and this is where much of my workforce comes from. You can count on them.

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