Avoid Nail Gun Injuries with NAHB Safety Resources

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Pneumatic nailers, commonly known as nail guns, have made framing and other carpentry work more efficient. But their speed and power has led to serious injuries on the job.

Nail guns are a leading cause of injury for carpenters and responsible for an estimated 25,000 work-related emergency room visits each year.

The most common hazards include:

  • Unintended nail discharge from double fire.
  • Unintended nail discharge from knocking the safety contact with the trigger squeezed.
  • Nail penetration through lumber work piece.
  • Nail ricochet after striking a hard surface or metal feature.
  • Bypassing safety mechanisms.
  • Not disconnecting the air supply when leaving the nail gun unattended.
  • Allowing the air hose to become a tripping hazard across high traffic work areas.

NAHB has developed a Nail Gun Safety Video Toolbox that includes a handout in English and Spanish and a video, below. The materials were developed in conjunction with the Job-Site Safety Institute and National Housing Endowment.

Use these materials to ensure those working with nail guns do so safely and efficiently.

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