Tech Solutions to Unique Problems

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custom home in floridaA home with integrated technology offers a lot of gee-whiz effects like music in multiple rooms or dedicated home cinemas that can actually offer an improvement over the commercial theater experience.

But there’s other aspects to these systems beyond the “oh wow” factor they can provide. Tech can actually help a building adhere to local codes, for example.

Take this pictured luxury Florida residence: The side of the home that faces the ocean must be dark during non-daylight hours from March through October. The house is adjacent to the sensitive nesting grounds of sea turtles, and distractions have to be eliminated during the animals’ nesting season to help preserve the species. ETC Inc. programmed the home’s exterior lighting to do just that — unless there’s an emergency, then the default lighting commands are overridden.

Another firm from the Sunshine State found itself facing a different set of restrictions when it came to installing home technology.

The firm All Digital LLC recently picked up a directive from a client who is a follower of Orthodox Judaism — and a technology enthusiast. For this particular home owner and his family, observation of Shabbat and Jewish holidays disallow turning on any form of electronics, even with motion detection.

All Digital president and owner Juan Apraez described the Control4 system in this home:

“We integrated the cloud-based Hebrew calendar with a custom driver. This driver automatically detects Jewish holidays and the standard Shabbat — observed from a few minutes before sunset every Friday evening and ending with the appearance of three stars in the sky on Saturday night (which is called Havdalah).

“The system sends a notification for a candle lighting ceremony — exactly 18 minutes before sundown, as biblically mandated — as well as Havdalah,” Apraez said.

The home’s systems include lighting scenes specific to Shabbat that are programmed for “no touch” operation (ALL OFF upstairs, ALL ON downstairs), and other systems (such as the home’s AV gear) are automatically shut down during Shabbat and holiday observations.

Apraez summed up the result for this home: “This solution certainly enhances the home owners’ lifestyle, allowing them to enjoy technology during their regular days, as well as observe their holidays without compromising.”

This NAHBNow guest post is from Ed Wenck, content marketing manager for CEDIA, the industry association where you can find local professionals who design and integrate technology for the connected home.


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