NAHB, USA Today Debate Merits of Updating the Endangered Species Act

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point-counterpointIn a point-counterpoint published on USA Today’s opinion page Aug. 2, NAHB Chairman Randy Noel and the USA Today editorial board debated the merits of the Trump administration’s proposed changes to the Endangered Species Act.

After 45 years, the act is in need of an upgrade and the administration’s proposal to modernize the law would provide benefits across the board, Noel stated.

“The plan represents a positive development that would streamline a cumbersome and bureaucratic permitting process that has needlessly raised the cost of housing; allow federal regulators to spend more time on species preservation rather than red tape; and encourage landowners, environmentalists and government officials to work together to protect endangered species,” Noel said.

Read the full opinion piece.

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  1. Jim Irre says:

    Without the context of the Trump Administrations plan to “update” the ESA, the opinion piece is useless. Doesn’t tell the reader anything. A link to the administrations plan for the ESA would be helpful.

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