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With websites and apps like Houzz and Pinterest setting expectations that few builders can meet at an affordable price point, Garman Homes in Durham, N.C. launched Fresh Paint. The brand is designed to test how many premium finishes can be included in a home built on a production platform.

Garman first went to suppliers to get pricing based on consistency and volume. If the process was consistent enough and the quantities sufficient, Fresh Paint could offer higher-end features for a value price. Buyers would receive professionally designed, curated, whole-home interior and exterior packages often found only in custom homes.

Each interior package is curated with a particular aesthetic in mind, such as classically chic, farmhouse revival or rustic. Paint, of course, plays a large role in the success of Fresh Paint, from the cabinets with custom Sherwin-William paint colors to the accent walls in predetermined locations.

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Fresh Paint is a buyer-centric brand intended to create the best experience for customers, leading to a more streamlined buying process. Each option is pre-priced for the entire home. Buyers leave the contract signing knowing exactly how much their new home will cost. There are no design studio visits or disappointment from being shown upgrades and options they want but can’t afford.

Even with careful planning to provide exceptional design features, it’s not unusual for buyers to make appeals to break up a package or revise the pre-designed floorplan. But to maintain the streamlined process and keep the promises made to the suppliers who allow for the incredible value, the packages need to remain consistent. Once the sales associate explains that following the package is what allows their home to include the elevated features, buyers generally move forward.

Launching the Fresh Paint brand was not without growing pains and a giant learning curve. Initial curated packages had to be retired, either because they weren’t well received or because they included trends that were no longer Pinterest-worthy.

While Fresh Paint offers an easier experience for the buyer, it can be a headache for the builder. If products within the packages are discontinued, they need to be adjusted or replaced while homes are in progress. New products come out that inspire the Fresh Paint design team to conceive new packages necessitating new alliances with vendors.

The first home plans for Fresh Paint were small, ranging from 1,500 to 1,800 sq. ft. As the success of the brand grew, new segments came into focus. Developers of master-planned communities, for example, are always looking for ways to offer an entry-level price point with a high design aesthetic that doesn’t undermine their amenity builders.

This meant larger home designs were needed and another iteration of the concept became necessary. It seemed fair to offer more options as the price point of the homes increased. Lifestyle Layers were established to align with highly desired features, for example, a “Foodie” package features an enhanced kitchen. While the value, packages, and concept remained consistent anywhere Fresh Paint was offered, the ability to create more pre-designed options for larger homes attributed to its success as it expanded to new communities.

Fresh Paint offers a blueprint for a refreshing, efficient approach to home buying and a different path to obtain high design at reasonable prices.

This post was adapted from an article in the Best of American Living blog written by Allison King.

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