Developing a Culture of Safety Begins on Day 1

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There is no better time to instill a company-wide culture of safety than during new-hire training. Not only is an employee more receptive in the early days of his or her employment, but research suggests that it’s a critical time for both workers and employers.

Injury statistics show that employees who have been on the job for less than six months are at greater risk of getting injured. Providing construction jobsite orientation training to new employees on safety basics will reduce accidents and save the company money.

In some states, many of the construction worker fatalities occur within the first 60 days on the job and, in some cases, the accident happens on the first day of work. These accidents serve as a red flag to the construction industry and highlight the need for employers to conduct effective safety orientation before new hires set foot on the jobsite.

NAHB has a wealth of important safety information available to members in the New Employee Construction Safety Toolkit.

The toolkit includes an in-depth guide to new employee safety orientation in English and Spanish. The orientation manual covers important Day 1 topics like personal protective equipment, ladder safety, electrical safety and much more.

The new employee construction safety toolkit also has links to resources from other organizations, including OSHA.

The NAHB Safety 365 campaign is all about making safety a focus every day. What better day to start than on Day 1 for all new hires?

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