Top Spike: It’s Our Responsibility to Recruit New Members

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One of the top Spikes for May says it is the responsibility of all NAHB members to dedicate time to recruiting new members.

“This ensures that NAHB will continue to be a successful institution and its members will continue to receive the many incredible benefits provided by NAHB,” said Randy Bowling, President of Tropicana Homes in Texas. “To that end, I insist that all of my subcontractors and suppliers be members if they want to do business with Tropicana Homes. In this way, we include our partners in home building to participate in the success of our industry and become stewards for the next generation.”

These Spikes brought in the most new Builder and Associate members to our federation in May.

Region A: Betty Moore, Builder/Architect Magazine, Builders & Remodelers Association of Greater Boston

Region B: Nick Wisniewski, Landmark Homes of TN Inc., HBA of Middle Tennessee

Region C: Steve Spiker, Horizon Construction Inc., HBA of North Central West Virginia

Region D: Randy Bowling, Tropicana Homes, El Paso Association of Builders (Texas)

Region E: John Gooley, Withers Lumber Co., HBA of Marion and Polk Counties (Oregon)

See how you stack up against all the top Spikes with the most Year-to-Date New Member Credits, Retention Credits and Total Credits.

Ready to join the ranks of these successful recruiters? Download a Spike Prospect Rolodex to list everyone you work with so you won’t forget to ask anyone about membership!

Want to learn more about the Spike Club? Contact Greg Morrison at 800-368-5242 x8337.


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