Geo-Farming: A Ticket to More Qualified Leads

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Running newspaper ads, putting up billboards and posting fliers is so 20th century. While promoting an event or a product in 2018 still isn’t an exact science, marketing tactics have come a long way thanks to advanced technology.

Case in point: the Remodeled Tour of Homes hosted by the MBA of Pierce County (Washington). For more than two decades, the MBA has successfully put on this annual tour, typically drawing several hundred attendees touring 10-12 remodeled homes.

But in 2017, the number of homes signed up for the tour dropped to just five. So organizers knew they’d need to expand their promotional efforts beyond the traditional methods if they wanted strong attendance.

The new strategy: Geo-farming — a marketing tactic that collects mobile IDs of people who fit particular demographics and who have visited certain businesses, events or websites, and targets them with banner ads.

“We were able to target people who live in the Pierce County area, have an annual income above $200,000, and who had either purchased or done an online search for things related to remodeling,” said Jeremiah Lafranca, the MBA’s executive officer.

As expected, having half as many homes to showcase drew a slightly smaller crowd. But the targeted promotion of the event attracted a significantly larger pool of qualified leads.

“All of the participating remodelers told me afterwards that attendees were far more qualified, more serious and better able to actually move forward with a remodel than in previous tours,” Lafranca said. “Evidence of that showed in the notable increase of callbacks our guys got this time.”

The MBA is ramping up for its next Tour of Remodeled Homes this fall, and organizers intend to use a similar promotional strategy. But this time, they’ll go a step further with geo-farming by zeroing in on specific consumers based on their hobbies, interests and lifestyle preferences.

For anyone who’s interested in shaking up their marketing efforts to generate better leads, Lafranca would encourage them to reach out to a few local marketing groups. “It’s definitely worth a quick call or sitdown to at least familiarize yourself with what they can offer and determine what might work best in you market,” he said. “For us, we got great results that came at a very reasonable cost.”

More tips and information about home-show planning and logistics, including best practices used by other HBAs, can be found at in the Parade of Homes Toolkit.



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  1. There is some useful thinking in this story but actually this is not Geo-Farming. The Geo part means focused marketing efforts within a manageable geographically defined area. This article is about target marketing not Geo-Farming. Targeted marketing is stronger than trying to just live on what are called “reactive leads” alone, that is, leads that aren’t proactively created, which includes Word-of- Mouth and referrals. Nothing wrong with that but its not Geo-Farming and true Geo-Farming properly executed is far more powerful than reactive leads or leads from targeted marketing. Geo-Farming is a powerful technique for contractors, particularly for remodelers. Geo-Farming doesn’t work well for home builders because the current client and the site of their new home are usually not in the same focused area (or Farm).

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