For Successful Recruiting, Get to Know Your Local

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Text Your Story typed on retro typewriterThese Spikes brought in the most new Builder and Associate members to our Federation in June, growing our diverse network of professionals.

As an Associate, Garth Trimble cannot leverage his subs and suppliers the same way a builder or remodeler could. He says it forces him to be aware of every facet of his local association and its involvement in the market.

“In my first conversation with a prospect, I let them tell me about their business and some of their challenges. I’m looking for a couple of needs. If a builder is having difficulties with local regulations, I’ll talk about what our government affairs staff is doing. If a sub or supplier wants to present their product to the builders, I’ll make them aware of opportunities to network with the builders. If it’s education related, I’ll talk about our classes.”

Trimble says there is not a magic potion: The process is the most important. “Have a list of prospects, be persistent, know what’s going on in the HBA and demonstrate how we can help the prospect get their needs met,” he said.

It’s important to clearly set expectations up front to retain the member. From Trimble’s experience, “it takes a new member a minimum of two years to be fully integrated into the association and I let them know that up front.”

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