Next Meeting Set for National Green Building Standard

green puzzle houseMembers of the National Green Building Standard Consensus Committee will meet in Washington, D.C. May 15-17 to discuss proposed changes to the fourth edition of the standard, which so far has been used to certify almost 140,000 new and remodeled homes and multifamily units.

A change in the standard’s scope means that the new edition, on track to be completed sometime next year, can now be used to certify the commercial and retail portions of mixed-use multifamily developments.

The change has prompted 545 proposals from housing advocates, code officials, government entities and home builders to improve and refine the document – proposals that have been reviewed by the eight individual task groups charged with reviewing suggested changes.

Among the proposals are amendments to require the inclusion of charging stations for electric cars, new rules for ventilation systems and other features designed to improve indoor air quality, and a new performance path compliance method in the water efficiency section.

The meeting will be held at the National Housing Center, also the home of NAHB’s offices. The sessions are open to the public and home builders are encouraged to attend and make comments on the proposals.

While organizers will take a tally of votes for and against the proposals during the meeting, the decisions will be made after compiling the results of ballots distributed to all consensus committee members.

Home Innovations Research Labs is acting as secretariat, or administrator, of the standards development process. Following the meeting, a ballot will be distributed to all consensus committee members for their votes.

For additional information, go to the standard development page at the Home Innovation website or ask a question via email.

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