DHS to Issue Additional 15,000 Guest Worker Visas

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visa applicationThe Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced on May 25 that it will issue an additional 15,000 H-2B guest worker visas for fiscal 2018, which ends on Sept. 30. This will be in addition to the annual allotment of 66,000 visas, all of which have already been claimed this year.

H-2B visas allow employers to hire foreign workers to come temporarily to the United States and perform temporary non-agricultural services or labor – including construction work – on a one-time, seasonal, peakload or intermittent basis.

Given the chronic labor shortages facing the home building industry, NAHB has been urging DHS to significantly expand the number of H-2B visas available for the year.

While the additional 15,000 visas is a step in the right direction, NAHB believes it falls far short to help meet the demand for workers in the residential construction sector.

For more information, contact Alexis Moch at 800-368-5242 x8407.

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