Webinar: Go Green with the Multifamily-Friendly NGBS

green houseFor many years, it was true that building with green products and processes meant more expense, and that was particularly true for multifamily developers and builders.

But that all changed with the development of the National Green Building Standard (NGBS), a rating system developed by NAHB, the International Code Council and ASHRAE and approved by ANSI. That standard offers a flexible, rigorous and affordable rating system for multifamily buildings. And updates planned for the upcoming edition of the standard will allow developers to certify both the residential and the commercial portions of mixed-use buildings: one-stop green shopping.

As of this month, 118,561 multifamily units have been certified under NGBS – 89% of all certifications – with another 94,000 units in the pipeline for certification. Clearly, many builders and developers have found this to be a successful and profitable approach. Two such builders are ready to share their expertise and experience in an April 11 webinar from 2-3 p.m. ET.

Participants will learn what the NGBS looks for in the design, construction and renovation of green residential buildings.

Two multifamily executives will explain why their successful development strategy includes earning NGBS certification for their properties, and why it doesn’t cost a fortune. They’ll also talk about special financing and valuation incentives available to NGBS-certified properties. Finally, a third-party verifier will explain how the certification process works.

The webinar will deliver a great introduction to the multifamily-friendly NGBS. Local and at-large members of NAHB’s Multifamily Council can register at no cost, and it’s available for purchase to other NAHB members at a discount. Non-NAHB members can register at full price as well.

Learn more about the webinar – “Make Those Who Rent Elsewhere GREEN with Envy” –  and register for it here.



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