Match Up with These Successful Spikes

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puzzle piecesAs a general contractor, Marshall Hickox leans on his contact with new subs and suppliers to rack up those Spike credits: awards for successful NAHB recruiters.

“I inquire if they are BIA members, give a little plug if they are not, and extend an invitation to our next networking event,” Hickox says.

We love celebrating our recruiters. And during this year’s membership drive, recruiters can earn triple Spike credits and are entered to win a trip to IBS 2019! (See details.)

These Spikes brought in the most new Builder and Associate members to our federation in January 2018.

Michael Biggerstaff says it is very simple. “If a vendor, supplier or subcontractor wishes to do business with one of my companies, they must be a member and support our local, state and national associations. I expect each to prove their support of our industry; after all, our industry provides them not only a means of prosperity, it also represents them and their respective companies at each of the respective membership levels, as well as protects their industry interest and well-being every day.”

Interested in increasing your Spike credits? Make sure your association is signed up to participate in the 2018 National Membership Drive. Learn more about the NAHB Membership Drive or the Spike Club: Contact Brace Ford at 800-368-5242 x8286.

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