Scary Truths About Jobsite Fatalities

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Here’s some news for those builders you may know of who think that fall protection on the jobsite is just not that important: Between 1982 and 2015, 42% of construction worker deaths were attributed to falls.

That means that 325 lives were lost  — and an overwhelming 78% of these deaths happened because these workers did not have a personal fall arrest system (PFAS), or had one but didn’t use it. Most of those who didn’t have the body harnesses and attachments that make up these PFAS worked in the residential construction industry.

The Center for Construction Research and Training has crunched data from the NIOSH Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation program to create a searchable database, the Construction FACE Database, with additional information about these accidents and where they occur.

These accidents can be prevented with three easy to follow steps: plan ahead to get the job done safely; provide the right fall protection equipment; and train workers to use the equipment safely.

NAHB supports the continuing education of fall protection safety practices in the residential construction industry to help keep workers safe on the job. And it has to be started right away: Fully 20% of those workers killed had been on the job two months or less.

NAHB’s “Toolbox Talk” video series includes two on fall protection: one in English (shown at the top of this post) and one in Spanish. You’ll find both in NAHB’s expanded safety pages in the Toolbox Talks section of

This year, NAHB and Builders Mutual Insurance Co. are together promoting Safety 365, a public awareness campaign that reminds home builders and home buyers that staying safe at home and on the jobsite requires constant vigilance.



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