Pull Out all the Stops to Recruit Hot Leads

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leadsDonna Knatz Barrett, EO of the Charlotte-DeSoto BIA in Port Charlotte, Fla., is laser-focused on getting new members.

That’s why, after the NAHB International Builders’ Show finished up in January, she turned to an easy source for hot leads: 2018 IBS attendees.

HBAs have access to the list of non-members from their areas who attended the Show – and there are a lot of ways members can help their HBA staff engage those non-members further in your local association, she said

Barrett showed that list to her board and asked if any companies looked familiar or if they worked with any of the leads. “Recruiting works better with an existing relationship and engagement,” she said.

Another idea: Run a special deal to the leads on that list. “Usually in May, if you join you get a free pass to our conference. We may offer that deal to this list of leads as well. If you join before a certain date, you get pass to the show,” she said.

She also invited all the potential members on that list to come to a general membership meeting. Attending the meetings firsthand lets prospects see the value of the network immediately, as well as the other resources and services the local HBA can provide. Barrett says, “I tell them, ‘Come to the meetings, see if you like the family and want to be a part of us. I don’t believe in divorce!’”

Finally, there is the personal phone call. Barrett designates volunteer leaders to call the non-members and personally make the ask to join. CDBIA has already had one of these hot leads join just by doing this.

Looking for new ways to recruit your hot leads? RSVP for our Third Tuesday Townhall on Feb. 20 to discuss recruiting leads with your fellow HBA staff. Check out the other resources in the Lead Conversion Toolkit.

For more ideas, contact NAHB Director of Membership Services Brace Ford.



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  1. The incentive should be to meet the members!
    After recruiting and retaining members and leading the pack, it is all about Marketing and Sales 101!
    Qualify your buyers.
    Present your product.
    Close your buyers.
    Follow up with your buyers until they buy!
    ONwards and UPwards!

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