Stop Negotiating, Start Influencing to Close Your Sales

John Palumbo and his daughter Morgan Palumbo will speak at the IBS Spotlight Session “Highly Influential: Sophisticated Strategies for Becoming an ‘UnNegotiator’.”

Seasoned speaker and sales expert John Palumbo, MIRM, does more than teach salespeople new skills: he is a student of sales science. He’s learned that the top producers in the world have stopped using old-fashioned negotiating tactics.

“True negotiating power is the ability to make decisions, and in reality, most agents don’t have that power or the final say on things like price,” he said.

“The high producers are quietly becoming ‘un-negotiators’ and don’t use the old give and take. They would rather influence the buyers’ thinking so they can persuade them to spend their money with that particular salesperson. Invariably, almost all sales professionals would much rather be an influencer than a negotiator.”

After he began to hear more about negotiating, he realized that when you start seeing something promoted as a best practice, it is really just what everybody’s doing.

“Most high producers aren’t doing what everybody’s doing. That’s what gives them the edge,” he said. “Top producers are constantly out-thinking the best practices,” and know that their buyers don’t want to buy from a great negotiator.

John Palumbo’s newest book, “Highly Influential,” is available this month at  NAHB’s IBS BuilderBooks Store.

“Good salespeople strive to uncover the true, often unspoken desires of their prospects and work towards delivering those results. Buyers want to be guided, not sold. Instead of relying on negotiation, an ‘un-negotiator’ works to influence the customer’s way of thinking by hitting their emotional hot buttons, allowing the customer to make a buying decision that is based on logic and reason so they don’t feel they’ve been persuaded at all,” he said. “That’s the real secret magic formula.”

One top producer whom John Palumbo observed influencing her buyers is his daughter, Morgan Palumbo.

Help Customers See the Value

Morgan Palumbo, CSP, began selling new homes in Birmingham, Ala. three years ago, and quickly became a top salesperson. Morgan works with both production and custom builders, and sells a variety of product, from entry-level to luxury homes.

“Someone buying from a custom builder is usually more reliant on the builder,” she said. “If they want to build a home, they know what they want. However, selling spec homes requires more influence and gives me an opportunity to persuade the buyer, because it might not be exactly what they envisioned.”

In this situation, Morgan said she emphasizes the features of the home that benefit its resale value, helping home buyers envision where owning this home will help them in the future.

“Becoming friends with your customers really helps,” Morgan said. “Dad says people enjoy doing business with people they like, but they love doing business with people like themselves. Find a common ground, whether that’s a TV show, a favorite sports team or something else.”

Morgan said this is especially important to the newest generation of salespeople.

“As a young person, people hesitate, and you have to break down that barrier,” Morgan said. “When they see that you have something in common, you can connect and see eye to eye.”

Never Stop Learning

Morgan credits her dedication to continuing education with helping her achieve her top-producer status.

“As a young person, attending sessions like those at the International Builders’ Show is really how you get there,” she said. “You’re not going to wake up one morning and think, ‘I know how to do this perfectly.’ Continuing education and keeping up with an ever-changing market is the key to making this work.”

John Palumbo and Morgan Palumbo will speak at the IBS Spotlight Session, Highly Influential: Sophisticated Strategies for Becoming an “UnNegotiator” on Thursday, Jan. 11 from 10:30-11:30 a.m. John Palumbo’s newest book, “Highly Influential,” will debut at NAHB BuilderBooks Store .


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