Statement of NAHB Third Vice Chair Candidate Fred Hoppe

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Fred Hoppe

Fred Hoppe

As a membership association, NAHB must demonstrate its benefit to achieve our goals. NAHB works hard to provide members with many benefits and services; my goal is building the right benefits that will impact the bottom line for our members.

First, we need to speak as one voice – the voice of our industry – at home and in Washington. Advocacy in Congress and the regulatory arena is one of our biggest member benefits.  If elected Third Vice Chair, I will fight for our industry. I’ve been representing the building industry my entire career. I have testified before my local and state government countless times. Working with others in my state, we have been successful in winning affordable housing battles. I know how to bring a winning team together and I’ll work that way on every issue.

Next, NAHB delivers education. NAHB produces courses offered at our locals, online and in conjunction with NAHB events. They also maintain a library of books in the NAHB bookstore. NAHB provides us with ways to improve our technical and business skills, making us all better providers to our industry. I’ll continually emphasize this benefit to our members and work to make our courses and publications the most useful they can be. I’ve taken and taught classes at my locals, and I am a walking, talking testament to this benefit!

NAHB is where the knowledge of our industry lives and breathes. Our staff and engaged members need to be a team that is a resource for ALL members. For example, how could we assess the impact of proposed changes in a code cycle without the help of our Construction, Codes and Standards Committee reviewing and commenting? The power is in the collective eyes of our members helping each other assess threats or changes in everything from safety to land use regulation. We need to focus that power to help us all.

I believe membership has its obligations. Each member must help NAHB by giving the association feedback on what is important and how NAHB can help. Each member must participate. If I become a Senior Officer, I will want the members of each local to know the benefits of NAHB and know they can talk directly to me and their leadership.

Leadership can’t lead without listening, and I promise to do just that. Leadership is effective when it listens to all, represents all and works for all. I will always listen, weigh the impact of decisions, then act. We’re a membership-driven organization and what we do and how we lead must be for the benefit of every member.


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  1. Richard Niday says:

    Who did you vote for in the last election?

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