7 Tiny Reasons You’re Not Closing More Sales

seven“Most of the time, even successful sales managers themselves can’t pin down exactly what it is they do that causes people to buy from them,” says marketing strategist and author John Palumbo.

“In the past 30 years, I’ve seen seven tiny secrets and skills first-hand help certain agents to rise above the rest:”

Everyone is not a buyer. The top agents know who to spend time with and who not to. They give their time and attention where it’s most needed and become laser-beam focused on true buyers.

Monthly specials are killing you. Today’s consumers are pushed for time. Master influencers understand and respect that. They use incentives as the “icing on the cake,” not as the basis of the deal.

Stop saying “I’m sorry.” Today’s consumers expect you to solve problems, not apologize for them.  So take it from the masters – stop apologizing and start remedying.

“But what about my days off?” True sales masters are on alert and ready to write deals and answer questions no matter the time of day. That may not sound like what you want to do. And that’s okay! Just don’t expect to join the 2% club of top producers.

You are not a tour guide. The first visit is all about closing on the second visit. Masters of influence plant the proper seeds to make the shift from a passive interest into an active involvement. They actively interpret what their customers are saying in order to make their sales presentation far more effective and powerful.

Stop using the wrong word. It’s “When,” not “If” you buy this home. It can make all of the difference in how the costumer sees you and the product and their mind shifts from one of a looker to one of an actively interested buyer.

No pressure, no diamonds. Creating urgency is the top priority during the sales presentation. When executed properly, you will have more customers giving you the buying signals that it’s time to close –because they came to the conclusions logically and rationally on their own; which are the true results of your enhanced presentation skills.

Marketing strategist and author John A. Palumbo will offer more of his insights this January during two education sessions at the NAHB International Builders’ Show®. This post is adapted from a story in the NSMC Sales + Marketing Ideas magazine app. You can download the app on iTunes or GooglePlay.



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