Inside Out: Build a Foundation for Marketing Success

strong foundationBuilders can be so focused on pushing out information that they neglect to support the team that is responsible for being the face of the organization.

If your sales and marketing team doesn’t understand and truly believe in your company’s mission and objectives, they will never be able to truly communicate your company’s messaging in a genuine way.

Here are four elements to consider to help your company’s inner beauty shine.

Build the Right Team. It’s not just marketing chops and a strong resume. An ideal candidate has the right attitude, is eager to learn, is coachable, works well with the team, and has an overall positive attitude toward achieving company goals. Hiring simply to fill a vacancy will never create chemistry among individuals intended to work as a team. Instead, hire a “positive attitude” complemented by a “motivated spirit.”

It’s also important to recognize that sales and marketing, though they work in concert, are very different roles and require different approaches. Typically, a marketing person understands messaging and what information will get a potential customer to the next step in the process. On the other hand, the salesperson is focused on cultivating a relationship with someone who is in the door.

Create a Culture of Open Communication. When everyone is looking outward, it creates a disconnect between sales and marketing, which can lead to disjointed messaging. What does the sales team need from the marketing side to do their jobs better? How does marketing want sales to communicate messages and leverage collateral? Open lines of communication will help everyone operate more efficiently, confidently and cohesively.

“As a marketing department we have standing weekly meetings that happen on the same day and time every week no matter what,” says Matt Riley, vice president of sales and marketing for Raleigh, N.C.-based Royal Oaks Homes. “Everyone in all departments is welcome to attend and share their ideas, be heard and collaborate. We feel those things keep communications lines open between departments.”

Have a Process That Encourages Action. Without a clearly defined plan, both salespeople and marketers may be tempted to create their own or act on the fly in a way that doesn’t link back to the team’s objectives. Begin with the end in mind, and define a clear path to get there. Detailing strategic prioritization, including the primary research of the salespeople, combined with strategic research is the path to marketing your way into more sales.

Establish Guidelines for Accountability. An accountable sales and marketing team needs the right elements in place to flourish: Clear roles, individual ownership, and specific champions of activities both internally and externally. It’s also about fostering the right combination of freedom, support and control.

Such accountability also gives individuals something to measure, manage and track. By knowing the goals and standards they are setting out to accomplish, team members can better track their own progress and set long-term performance and growth goals within the company. Accountability is not about punishment; it is about nurturing results.

Creating a team-like atmosphere in which both sales and marketing are connected toward common goals is as important, if not more important than, any branding you put forth to the public.

This post is an excerpt of an article that originally appeared in the NSMC Sales + Marketing Ideas magazine app. Its authors, Mollie Elkman and Kerry Mulcrone, MIRM, are seasoned sales and marketing professionals and longtime IBS presenters. Both will headline a number of sales and marketing education sessions at the 2018 International Builders’ Show. See the schedule here. Download the NSMC Sales + Marketing Ideas magazine app on iTunes or GooglePlay.


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