Virginia Remodelers Form Win-Win Partnership with Local Government

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Members of the Peninsula HBA Remodelers Council in Newport News, Va., recently completed extensive renovations to the house of a military veteran — in just one weekend — thanks to their partnership with local county administrators.

The home owner is an Air Force veteran who had reluctantly deferred maintenance on his home for many years. It was in desperate need of a new HVAC, roof, landscaping, and windows and siding.

After hearing about the home owner’s struggles, a member of the Peninsula HBA Remodelers Council and former NAHB Remodelers Chair Robert Criner, GMR, GMB, CAPS, informed the executive committee. Soon after, the remodelers council members rolled up their sleeves and got to work.

More than 100 people from over 30 companies got involved on the multi-faceted project. The remodelers council members were joined by members of the HBA’s Professional Women in Building Council, prospective members and workers from Helping Hands, an organization that focuses on finding and completing local volunteer opportunities.

“Everyone was ready to go and fired up,” said Peninsula HBA Remodelers Council Chair Rick Jenkins. “It was great to meet new people and prospective members. Those interested in joining our council were able to see first-hand how we learn from each other as remodelers, and have fun while doing so.”

Criner said one of the most successful strategies to spread the word and garner support for the project was having a professional promotional video created through their local government.

“By partnering with the municipality, we were able to create a nice video about the project that both the HBA and the city government were able to use,” Criner said.

“The video was widely shared and even played on our local TV stations. That greatly increased the exposure for the remodelers council and how it gives back to the community, and in the process, it helped attract a few prospective members.”

Watch the video here, or email NAHB Remodelers for more information.



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  1. Can we collect information like this video and other steps taken by Home Builder Associations, Local, State and NAHB do develop more recognition of all the great things Home Builders and Associates do to help others. developed into an obtuse isosceles triangle building toward recognition Home Build & Associates Humanitarian and Community Awards.
    The Video is Excellent, Is it too late to show the Air Force Veteran at his remodeled home with the volunteers, media and mayor recognizing the appreciation of the recipient?

    • NAHB Now says:

      Good ideas, Jim. We are planning to do an entire issue of Monday Morning Briefing the week of Thanksgiving that focuses on the amazing charitable and philanthropic projects that our HBAs work on all over the country. There is no one as generous as a home builder and their trade partners.

  2. Jeanell Willis says:

    Congratulations to the Peninsula Remodeler’s Council for a job well done!

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